deeper mindfulness

suspending the five senses

Your mindfulness becomes deeper when you limit your 5 senses to meditate. If you can reduce in one way or another what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel for 10 minutes, that would be a good starting point. Remain seated, either on a chair or directly on the floor (You don’t necessarily have to sit cross-legged.), continue breathe deep and slowly. Then, try to stay in the mindfulness with the ‘suspension of the 5 senses’ for a longer period of time.


like the universe

using deeper reflection

This glass sphere resembles the structure of your mind in deeper mindfulness. The scenery around the sphere is reflected inside the small sphere. If you sat inside the sphere (although physically that’s not quite possible!), you would see more or less everything around the sphere without having to go outside the sphere. In deeper mindfulness, your mind sees more or less everything the universe around you sees from a very great distance.

Integration in mindfulness

new perception

The next state of mindfulness is integration. In the context of mindfulness, the word ‘integration’ has a special meaning: it means that (a) you discover, digest and accept your own personality and what you have achieved or failed to achieve in your life; (b) you discover and accept all the people around you including your family and ‘enemies’. If you reach this stage of mindfulness, you will have discovered a very different horizon. You will be in a state of unity (or integration). Then, your perception will be changed.