Healing with laughter

Natural power

Don’t underestimate the power of laughter! Animals and plants cannot laugh. Laughter is one of the very special capabilities of man, which animals and plants cannot even imitate. Laughter can reduce stress and promote relaxation. Researchers have shown that laughter, if practised regularly, can promote health and strengthen the immune system.



Laughter everywhere

feeling the boundlessness

For a spiritual awakening, you should be able to laugh unconditionally. You are in fact able to laugh even when you cannot find anything ‘funny’ around you. Most people laugh only when something or someone appears to be ‘funny’. However, it should be possible for anyone to laugh more and more frequently regardless of what’s happening in the environment.


just like a baby

becoming the master

Laughter is another breathing exercise. The main point is that you do some preparation to laugh big. Relax! Start with smiles and giggles while deepening your breathing. Then, change your breathing to small ‘ha, ha, ha’, just before you burst out laughing! Be brave! How long can you continue to laugh?