Overcoming Anxiety and Insecurity (1)

How do we deal with anxiety in a natural way?

If you don’t wish to take medicine for your anxiety, the almost only thing you can do is to go with nature. Nature constantly changes in order to find balance. In other words, nature provides stimuli in order to stabilise. Where there is stability, anxiety and insecurity are unlikely to arise.

The point about nature’s stimuli is that they don’t repeat themselves. If you train your body with the same stimulant all the time, for example with a gym programme, sooner or later you body will accustomed to the initial kick. You then end up losing enthusiasm and also mental stability in the long-run.

Your body and mind can become accustomed to a wide range of stimuli. For example, if you find jogging easy after 1 year of training, you should change the settings of your training programme to find a new direction. It may be better for you, for the sake of creating more lasting mental stability in your daily life, to stop jogging for a while and start swimming.

The common trap of physical training for mental stability is that lots of people, when they become comfortable with a training programme, continue with the most comforting part of the programme. Any training could become indulgence, which is the opposite of stimulation. True, when you continue with your ‘forte’, you would be more confident and able to compete and impress. However, you don’t always find nature’s long-term stability in that approach based on your ‘forte’.

In a nutshell, you need to consider the following 4 elements in your physical training in order to overcome anxiety and insecurity in everyday life

First, you need to find a programme suited to your current capability and aptitude. Secondly, you need to continue with the programme without reducing the stimuli in it. Thirdly, step by step, you need modify the programme so that you can include in the programme some new stimuli or new challenges. Fourthly, like nature, you need to combine the programme with the ‘opposite’. For example, a very dynamic programme should be accompanied with a programme of complete stillness, like Zen.

Dynamics and charge are the key ingredients of a good lifestyle without anxiety and insecurity.

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