Mindfulness in the Morning

In my opinion, there is a big difference between doing yoga in the morning and doing it in the evening.
If you are just stretching, doing it in the evening is often better, because you can stretch your muscles and ligaments usually more. But (and this is a very big BUT.), doing yoga in the early morning stimulates your brain and the nervous systems so much more. Mindfulness in the morning is very special. And, in my humble opinion, that is one of the rationales for doing it in the morning. Yoga in the morning is a gateway for a higher level of mindfulness. Especially, older people should be doing yoga in the early morning.

Yoga is supposed to deal with the mind. But how? In a good yoga class, people with over 1 year of experience should be able to feel the subtle balance between the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.
In other words, you need a bit of adrenaline to get going. At the same time, when pranayama and bandas are switched on, you should also be able to feel the opposite. You would feel as if the inner fire of your body is gently tamed by the stream of cold water from the mountains.
It’s a little bit like having an espresso coffee and taking cold shower at the same time.
In Japanese Zen, when people become really engaged with the ‘here and now’, they start sweating. Beads of sweat would come out of their pores. The stillness of Zen is sometimes like fire. It is calmness but, at the same time, it is a very heightened state of mindfulness.
However, that sort of ‘calm’ is often difficult to achieve in a yoga class. Even so, mindfulness in the morning sometimes comes very close to that.

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