Breathing Exercises for Stress

By taking up simple breathing exercises for stress, you can break the cycle of unhappiness in your daily life.  As you continue with the breathing exercises, gradually, you can also remove anxiety.

Think about your lungs. Among all of our internal organs, your lungs are the only organs, which you can, to a degree, control by your own thoughts. That’s how nature designed your body. When you gain greater control over the workings of your lungs by directing your thoughts to them, you can, to a degree, control the workings of your nervous systems too. That is an entry point of deeper mindfulness.

You may have noticed the connection between your breathing and your psyche.

For example, if you are breathing rough and fast, you mind is unlikely to be peaceful. Have you had resentment towards other people in recent weeks? When you are resentful of others or aggressive towards others, your breathing is likely to be ragged and uneven. By contrast, if you are feeling calmer and happier, your breathing–especially you exhalation–is probably longer and deeper.

So, how can you master longer and deeper breathing?

Simply put, you need to start with your basic posture. Start by gently extending your neck towards the skies. If you are seated, please remain where you are. Become a little bit more upright. Relax your shoulders. Then, try to feel the natural power of your lower belly, hips, legs and feet. This is a subtle point: the power in the lower region of your body is not necessarily the power of your muscles. (If you are seated, you are not using so much of your muscle power, anyway.) Then, try to use the same power as the driving force behind your lungs.

Do you ever laugh? When you laugh (You have to do this from the bottom of your heart!), you are exhaling naturally and, at the same time, engaging your belly, hips, legs and feet automatically.  Allow your lungs to laugh!

Even when you are not laughing, the same level of exhalation should be the norm of your breathing. That should be the fist milestone in the breathing exercises for stress.


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