The number of beginners motivated to do yoga poses is on the increase. Can you also be motivated?

Lots of people decide to get into yoga but just can’t keep up with it after a while. That’s pretty normal. Don’t be despondent. You are not alone in feeling the difficulty.

You have to find the right momentum for your own yoga practice. Once you get going and feel some kind of momentum building up in you, then it wouldn’t be too much of a struggle to keep going.


There are two ways to go about it.

The first method is to force yourself somehow to get started. Initially, you may not find keeping up with yoga very interesting. However, just like doing the housework, you may at some stage have to force yourself to face it.

For example, you will be in trouble, unless you do your laundry. So, you can apply the same thinking to yoga: you would be in trouble (health, fitness and personal fulfilment would be unreachable), unless you get into your yoga routine.

You would soon build an understanding of the physical process while you are forcing yourself to do yoga. It’s a process of creation as well, when you begin to discover the nooks and crannies of yoga poses with your own approach. Becoming creative, you are bound to have some kind of motivation to continue.

The disadvantage of forcing yourself is that it sounds like you have to make yourself almost desperate. Do you have to do yoga poses as if you are going through the end of the world?


Hopefully, the answer is no. So, an alternative approach is simply to find some yoga poses or breathing exercises you can easily do.

It does not matter whether you are stimulating your body or your mind or both. Even in the easiest yoga pose, once you are wholeheartedly engaged in it, you can find some kind of momentum.

If you can’t get motivated even to do the easiest pose, initially, try to make a small decision as to when you want to do the pose. Do you want to do it in the morning or in the evening? Either way, you should practice yoga at least 4 hours after eating a full meal.

If you decide to do your yoga routine in the morning, then, simply decide what time you should get up and get ready for it.

The whole point is that you should invent an environment where your natural biological rhythms are ignited, so that, after a while, you body and mind keep going under their own momentum. Lots of people in fact manage to do this almost unconsciously. That’s why the number of beginners motivated to do yoga is on the increase.

Don’t forget to make sure that the people around you understand that you have committed yourself to a yoga routine.